Please Allow Us To Introduce: Deshaun Watson

Reader faces the unenviable task of attempting to replace Vince Wilfork, who retired following the 2016 campaign after 13 seasons in the NFL. However, there’s reason for optimism in Reader’s case, as Weaver alluded to.

The 6-foot-3, 335-pound tackle performed admirably in the opportunities presented, appearing in an assortment of alignments including as a traditional one-technique nose and stretching as wide as a five-technique, as seen in the aforementioned play above. He recorded a sack from each alignment. That demonstrated versatility made him an important depth piece for Houston last season, though that kind of alignment shuffling shouldn’t be as frequent in 2017.

Offensive line seems to be the way the Texans need to go in Round 1. I think Robinson finds his home at right tackle. I think he can be a long-term starter and an upgrade there for Houston. When he’s at his best, you see his power and the punch he possesses. He can lock guys down. Robinson gets caught off balance at times, but he has a chance to improve and become a really good player.

Maye can shore up the safety position for the Texans. He’s one of the few players who has the ability to play the pass but is also active at the line of scrimmage against the run. This would be a terrific find for Houston.

Happy Birthday Deshaun Watson, you turned 22 years old and I certainly hope you are feeling 22. (Thanks Taylor.) Coincidentally, the Texans decided to give Watson a birthday gift as well – naming him the starting quarterback for Week 2.

For his birthday, we here at The Checkdown have decided to compile five interesting facts about Watson that you probably didn’t know.jersey

“It’s good to have (Foreman) on the team,” Miller said Saturday via the Houston Chronicle. “I’m looking forward to working with him. I think he’ll help this team out a lot, the power that he brings. I think it’s a good addition.”

Miller missed the Texans’ final two regular-season tilts due to injury. Head coach Bill O’Brien admitted that the team relied too heavily on Miller throughout the season — especially with the team’s passing woes.

The two juiciest: The Patriots asked for frustrated receiver in a potential trade for Collins — offensive building block in need of an extension for defensive building block in need of an extension. That was a non-starter for the Texans, even with Hopkins battling uneven quarterback play.

The other offer the Patriots spent weeks researching: Veteran cornerback for Collins. New England loves him. Though intriguing, Joseph is so valuable to Houston that the team would not part with him.

The Texans came out of the first half up 14-3 on the Lions, which is good. However, at the end of the first half, Houston had just 10 men on the field and had to burn a time out, which is bad. This is a fundamental breakdown in communication that really shouldn’t happen, and O’Brien made sure his special teams coaches knew it.

When you’re a disciple like O’Brien, this is the type of mistake that makes you want to break things. People have been banished into the cornfields for less on Patriot Way. Special teams coordinator Larry Izzo, a man of Pats lineage himself, understands this. But no assistant wants to get destroyed by his coach on the sideline.